Friday, November 21, 2008

The Truth here's the truth.....the whole truth and nothing but the truth. LOLOL ok ok for real, being a wedding and event planner is fun, and stressful, tiresome, exhausting, exciting and everything in between! There's so many emotions, so many choices to make and help to the bride's vision come to life. But at the end of the day, well more like when it's all said and done, the final toasts been given and they all say their good byes....IT WAS WORTH IT ALL! All the drama, the bridezilla mood swings, the crazy demands that some brides think they must have, the happy and sad tears, the smiles and laughter, I'm ready to take on the next bride, or the next event to bring to life! I love it and can't get enough of it! I love helping people so why not do something that helps someone on thier big day!

Sometimes, yes I must admit like right now....I just want to shut off my phone from the non stop ringing, the forever flowing emails that exhausting and frustrating (mostly from vendors), and just take a break and walk away and breathe. Yes my eyebrows go up when the budgets are tight....but each bride deserves the best and will provide the best no matter the budget. Each deserves a fabulous day! No doubt about it!

So truthfully, this is my passion, and dream and will not stop pushing and promoting. I will not give up on doing my thang! I believe everyone should get out there, especially the young generation like me and live your dream, start your own destiny, own your own company. Even if your previous dreams fall like mine have...there's always a reason. I found out why, cause this is what I'm ment to do. Somewhere along the line..I will figure out away to apply my IT degree in this path. But I love designing, I love decorating, I love making people smile!


  1. Amazingly well put together. Anyone who is interested in getting married soon should check this sight out. I am sure you will not be dissapointed. Good luck with this new venture. I know God is on your side.

  2. This person is a very organized person. Trust me she will get the job done and done to exceptional standards!

  3. i kno this person...
    she wasn't my planner because the one that i had wasn't any good so i just sked her for a little help & to be honest if it wasn't for her my wedding might not have turned out the way it did
    thanks alot Cheryle
    xx Jenni

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